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Dream11 Private Contests: A Complete Guide

Dream11 offers mega contests with a cash prize that runs into crores of rupees. The winner stands to gain a lot of money, but these contests have immense competition. An alternative option that guarantees a higher opportunity of winning is a private contest.

What are Dream11 Private Contests?

A private contest is a contest created by a user using their own set of rules within Dream11’s parameters. Let’s say you want to compete against your close friends or rivals in a contest. You can create your own Dream11 private contests for your friends. Additionally, you can select your own entry fee and the number of teams that will compete. You can then engage with your friends to see who eventually emerges as a winner.

Benefits of Creating Private Contests on Dream11

Following are some benefits of private contests on Dream11

  • The minimum entry fee is only Rs. 5/-. Most mega contests, especially for big-ticket cricket events, have a fee of Rs. 49/-.
  • Sometimes, mega contests get filled up hours before the competition begins. The only contests left are head-to-head matches which have either low rewards or higher risks depending on the entry fee. Creating private contests on Dream11 gives you a opportunity of winning a bigger cash prize.
  • Private contests offer flexibility. If you are a last-minute entrant to a mega contest, you will be at a disadvantage. Private contests on Dream11 offer everyone a fair opportunity of winning. You can allow fellow users to include only 1 team per opponent to keep the competition fair. Additionally, you can choose the winning breakup amount so that more users are entitled to a share of the prize money.

How to Create a Private Contest on Dream11

The following are the steps needed for creating a Dream11 private contest.

  • First, please go to the match you want to play. For example, the Warriors vs Hikers Dream11 Nature Isle T10 match.


  • Click on the ‘vs contests’ option on the left side of the black bar.
  • Select the ‘Create a Contest’ option.
  • Enter a contest name (optional), contest size, and the entry fee for each team. The minimum contest size is 2, whereas the maximum is 20,000. Similarly, the minimum entry fee is Rs. 5/-, which can go up to Rs. 10,000/-.
  • A percentage of the prize pool is deducted as a service charge, but the rest is up for grabs. You can then select the number of winners to divide the prize pool.
  • Finally, create your team and pay the entry fee you have set. Now sit back and wait for friends or rivals to join your contest.


Private contests make competitions on Dream11 more fun with their huge variety of options. So go ahead and sign up for a private contest on Dream11.

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