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Online Fantasy Sports: How To Play Fantasy Leagues? | Dream11

The fantasy sports market in India has seen a lot of action in recent years. An audience that loves sports and entertainment has created a massive demand for fantasy sports in a short period. On the other hand, fantasy sports platforms have also increased the participation of fans in the sports they follow. By participating in contests and fantasy leagues, fans can stay in touch with their favorite sports and come close to real-time action.

Understanding how to play fantasy leagues effectively is essential before participating in any contest on the best fantasy sports sites. While each sport has different aspects, the basics of participating in several fantasy sports leagues are the same.

What are Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports is a skill-based competition on an online platform that involves creating a virtual team from real players of a professional sport.

These virtual teams compete with each other based on their performance in a particular contest or a group of contests. The virtual team with the best performance among the other teams competing in the same contest is declared as the winner.

Fantasy sports is usually played on a website or a mobile app, where the user competes with other players playing the same league.

How to choose the best fantasy sports site?

It is crucial to select the best fantasy sports app to ensure that you get the best experience. Here are some of the things that you can consider while choosing the best fantasy sports sites:

Licensing: Using platforms with the required licenses for hosting fantasy sports contests is a must.

Payment methods: You should choose fantasy sports platforms that offer a variety of payment methods like UPI, net banking, credit/debit cards, etc.

Bonuses: Many fantasy sports sites offer good bonuses to their users at the start and at regular intervals.

Free play: Select fantasy sports websites that allow you to start playing free contests at the beginning.

Fantasy options: You should go for platforms that offer multiple fantasy league options.

Prizes: Opt for online fantasy sports that offer good prizes for the winners.

Dream11-Daily Fantasy Sports Site/App

Dream11 is the pioneer among India’s leading fantasy sports platforms. It was the first Indian gaming company to become a unicorn in April 2019. Along with being a daily fantasy sports site/app it also offers fantasy contests across various sports like cricket, football, kabaddi, handball, volleyball, rugby, American football, hockey, baseball, futsal and basketball.

It provides an intuitive ecosystem under which users can create virtual teams, including real-life players, and the users earn points based on the performance of the virtual team in an actual match. In addition, Dream11 offers free and paid contests on its platforms. Along with a wide variety of payment options, the platform allows users above 18 years with their verified PAN.

Top Fantasy Sports on Dream11 App

A wide variety of fantasy sports league options are available on Dream11. The top fantasy sports on the Dream11 App are as follows:

Fantasy Sports in India

The fantasy sports industry has registered phenomenal growth over the past few years. According to a report by Deloitte, India is the largest fantasy sports market in the world, with over 20 crores of registered consumers and a total market size of Rs 34,000 crore. Furthermore, the industry is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38% to reach a massive Rs 1,65,000 crore.

Cricket is the most preferred sport for fantasy users. However, it is expected that other sports like kabaddi, hockey, volleyball and football will also gain popularity in the next few years. The rise of fantasy sports in India is driving a sporting culture in the country. It is expected that as other sports gain more popularity, the fantasy sports industry will create new fans for sports other than cricket in the long run.

Earn Real Money by Playing Fantasy Sports Games

A user can start by playing free contests to get used to the technology, interface and ecosystem. Once users are acclimatized with playing the fantasy league contests, they can start with a small amount of money with which they can win massive real money prizes.

You can play ultimate fantasy sports as per your interest and try winning the mega prize. For instance, at an entry ticket of Rs 49, a user can win a top prize of INR 1 Crore in the mega contests.

While the prize money and amount required to be invested differ for each league contest, you can earn real cash by playing fantasy sports games. With the right skills and understanding of the game, it is possible to make real money with fantasy sports games.

FAQs on Fantasy Sports

What is the purpose of fantasy sports?

Fantasy sports allow fans to act as the team’s owners in a virtual game and select the team as per their choice. Points and standings are allocated as per the actual performance of the athletes.

What is the most played fantasy sport in India?

Cricket is the most played fantasy sport in India.

Fantasy sports are legal in India. As per the Supreme Court judgment on this topic, fantasy sports is a game of skill; therefore, it cannot be counted as betting or gambling.